Domestic and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Do you need to have your carpets cleaned but you don’t want to wait in all day for them to dry?

We use a method that is dry in minutes - not hours, there’s no waiting at home with the windows and doors open till they dry, only to find recurring stains the next day.

That won’t happen with our method, because we don’t “soak” the carpet, which can cause the stains to come back to the surface when the carpet dries.

 We can remove pet stains and Odour too, whether it’s on a carpet or a mattress.

We service domestic homes as well as Commercial Carpets and Mattresses…

Hotels, Aged Care Facilities, Rental Exit Cleans, even Boarding Schools.

We do more than just Carpets and Mattresses…

We’re No 1 for Mould removal too, we use a product that is non-toxic, it won’t affect your paint colour and will keep the Mould away for up to 12 months or more.

                       *provided the cause of the leak has been fixed

Great for bathrooms, anywhere inside the home, driveways, concrete rendered surfaces and fences, anywhere that you find unsightly, dangerous Mould.

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Our service is 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.