And You Thought Your Kitchen Was Clean?

These pictures were taken in a super clean kitchen, or so the owner thought... the house is immaculate, the floors are super clean, the benches are wiped down every day and there's no sign of dirt or germs on the cupboards or drawers, that is until we turn on our Black Light kit!  

Germs in the kitchen

Our customer is horrified!

But this is quite normal, every house that we go into and do this black light test is the same... especially the bathrooms, you would be surprised by the amount of germs and spills there are in a bathroom. 

We use a Super Sanitiser on these hard surfaces that will ensure that they are clean and sanitised. These are stains and marks that can't be seen with the naked eye, so you couldn't be blamed for not seeing them. And you can't remove what you can't see.

If you'd like your kitchen and bathroom cleaned and treated with our super sanitiser , give us a call today on 

0437 459 386

We also sanitise and clean mattresses and carpets as well as lounge suites and chairs. And if you have rugs or carpets with pet stains or odours on them we can do a professional job on those too...

Just look at these images below, the cupboards look very clean under normal light, these stains have probably been there for years because they are unseen with the naked eye, but look what happens when we turn the black light onto the surface!

As I said above, you can't clean what you can't see, with our Black light kit, we can see what's lurking on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces and clean & sanitise them for you. You'll feel happy knowing that these areas of your home and thoroughly clean and if you'd like your mattresses cleaned and sanitised at the same time, we can give you a super deal on having it all done at the one visit. Call Paul now for a quick quote on 0437 459 386.

single cupboard blk lite

Paul Wright

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