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June 26, 2020

New Leader in Hotel Hygiene

Healthy Hotels Group

There has never been a better time for your favourite Hotel or Motel to join the Healthy Hotels Group® 

 Why? Because the Accommodation providers that ARE members of the Healthy Hotels Group® have their mattresses and pillows cleaned and sanitised for the health and safety of their Guests. 

With all that’s been happening lately with the COVID virus, Hotels and Motels around the world are putting new sanitising protocols in place and our Australian Accommodation suppliers should be doing the same. 

When you think of it, if you had a choice to stay in a Hotel or Motel that looks after their guests by having this service done, and it was the same price as one that didn’t bother about the hygiene of their beds and pillows, wouldn’t you choose the one that did? 

Of course, you would...

And that’s what we think too, we are proud to say that we are the Approved Service Providers for the Healthy Hotels Group® which means we use only SAFE2use® non – toxic, allergy friendly products along with a dry process on the mattresses, pillows and carpets. 

You can find out more about our 4-stage process here on our site, we also clean and sanitise beds for Private homes, Retirement homes, Airbnb, Boarding schools, Fire trucks, Specialty housing, even Boats, anywhere that has a bed that needs treating. 

This hygienic process is long overdue in the Accommodation industry, when you think of the buildup of hair and skin particles, bacteria, dust mites, and body fluids that ends up deep in the mattress, clean sheets are just not enough. Not in today’s environment... 

So, if your favourite Hotel or Motel isn’t using this service, maybe it’s time to request it? 

Here’s to your health and a peaceful night’s sleep... 

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising

Commercial Mattress Sanitising for Boarding Schools

Boarding School

Sanitised Healthy Beds for Boarding Schools...

Boarding Schools offer great facilities for their students who call them home, and we help to keep them safe by Sanitising the mattresses and pillows in these facilities.

What happens with a mattress over time, is that there is a build up of all sorts of debris, from live and dead dust mites,(that thrive on moisture in the mattress), plus hair and skin particles and bacteria and other nasties that are hidden deep in the mattress if it's not regularly cleaned.

This debris can trigger an Asthma or Allergy attack if not removed on a regular basis.

Children at Boarding School

The pillows are the same, bacteria, sweat,dust mites and hair particles build up in the pillows and it needs to be extracted..But not with a carpet machine using water, the moisture left behind from this method will cause a musty smell, take ages to dry properly and dust mites love moisture, so it actually compounds the problem, it's much better to use a dry process.

The process we use extracts everything out of the mattress using a very powerful machine, then the mattress is turned over and both sides are treated as well as the ensemble, both sides are sprayed with a SAFE2use Sanitising product that will also remove any odour from the mattress.

The products used are non-toxic and safe and will not trigger allergies or Asthma attacks.

student studying at boarding school

Next time you're looking for the Best Boarding School for your child's education, think about their comfort and the cleanliness of their beds, ask if the school has a mattress sanitising program in place. 

Call Paul for more information on Boarding School Mattress Sanitising on 0437 459386

We All Deserve To Work In A Clean & Sanitised Office Space…

How clean is your Office Environment

It's more important than ever before to keep your office environment clean and sanitised...

With many of you heading back to your Office as restrictions ease, the next thing to consider is, how clean is your office desk and chair? and what about the carpets?

So many germs and bacteria are hidden in the carpet of your office, along with dust mites, hair and skin particles and other nasties that can trigger an Asthma or Allergy attack.

Theatre Seats

Look what we were able to extract from these Theatre Seats!

If the office chairs and carpets are not extracted properly, the problem will remain.

Some offices hire companies that use the "hot water extraction" method, this is not the best solution for many reasons, number one, there is no "proper extraction done" then hot water is added which soaks the carpet, creating a perfect breading ground for Dust mites, they thrive on moisture.

And the carpets take hours and hours to dry, leaving your office smelling musty.

We use a "Dry process" that dries in minutes not hours. The carpets and chairs are extracted properly before we start removing the debris that's been trapped in the carpet.

SAFE2use Products
Health Protect Cleaning Warrnambool

We use "SAFE2use" products that are safe for you and the environment.

The whole process is done faster, but more thoroughly using a proven process.

Give us a call to discuss how we can give you a beautifully clean and properly sanitised Office.

Call Paul now on  0437 459 386

Has Your Mattress Been Cleaned And Sanitised?

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising

How important is a clean Bed?
Well... According to the experts - the average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours.
So if we're sanitising everything else, why aren't we having our beds cleaned?
A lot of folk don't even know that mattress sanitising is a service they can have.
Hotels are now recognising the importance of this service... see 

Healthy Hotels Group

Healthy Hotel Group Tent Cards

When you think that we spend an average of $70 getting our dogs groomed every couple of months, yet people don't think about having their beds cleaned?

Because most people don't know the service exists, or if they do they have a regular carpet cleaner clean their bed, this isn't good because they soak the bed with litres of water and it takes days to dry properly and it smells musty afterwards, plus the dust mites thrive on moisture, so it makes the problem worse!

We use a "dry process" so that your mattress is dry in minutes! 

You'll have a beautifully clean and sanitised mattress to enjoy a great night's sleep.

 Ask us about it when you call. 0437 459 386

Commercial Carpet & Mattress Cleaning

Commercial Carpet & Mattress Cleaning Warrnambool

Health Protect Cleaning in Warrnambool does more than just domestic carpets and mattresses.

We clean and sanitise Commercial carpets as well, using a "dry process" that leaves the carpets and mattresses dry in minutes, not hours! Great for a fast turnaround for Hotels, Motels and Airbnb establishments.

We also service Specialty Housing and Emergency Services, cleaning and sanitising their mattresses and upholstery with our quick dry process.

Aged Care is another area that we specialise in as well as Exit Carpet Cleaning for Rental properties. We can remove odours, mould and we have a great reputation for removing subborn stains. If we can't get it out - no one can. ))

We can also remove mould, the product we use keeps the mould away for up to 12 months if the source of the mould is removed, i.e. a leaking pipe. Our product is SAFE2use and you'll be amazed at the results, some companies use bleach based products and it only feeds the mould and changes the colour, the mould will return in no time at all. The beauty of our product is that it doesn't contain bleach and therefore won't corode metal, (for instance a wooden patio will have metal screws) our product won't affect them and the patio will stay mould free for up to 12 months. 

We don't take shortcuts, we use SAFE products, and our prices are very competitive. And we're Approved Service Providers  for The Healthy Hotels Group®.

Call us for a quick quote on 0437 459 386

Pets Sleeping on Your Bed…

Dogs sleeping on the bedDoes Your Dog or Cat Sleep On Your Bed?

For many people the answer is YES!

And that’s fine, but when you think of how often you pay to get your dog groomed, usually around $80 every 6 – 8 weeks, and compare that to how many  times you’ve had your mattress cleaned and sanitised for the same price, it’s definitely something you should consider.

And even if you don’t have Pets on your bed, you still need to have your mattress cleaned and sanitised to give you a good night’s sleep in a Fresh, Allergy Free environment.

You don’t need to have your mattress cleaned and treated every 6  – 8 weeks though, twice a year is sufficient to get rid of the build up of Dust Mites, dead and alive! Hair and Skin Particles, (we shed kilos of skin every year) and there’s the Perspiration smell left over from those hot summer nights, it’s not pleasant. Oh and pet dander if you have a pet. Pets on your bed

People think that putting clean sheets on the bed is sufficient, but it doesn’t remove all of the above,  plus when you turn over in bed, several times a night, the dust from all that stuff trapped in your mattress gets puffed up your nose and down your throat, causing severe allergies in some people, especially if you are allergic to Dust Mites.

Or you might suffer from Asthma and not having your bed cleaned and sanitised regularly to keep these things in check can sometimes trigger an Asthma attack.

You might notice that you’re not sleeping well and you’re waking up with red itchy eyes and a sore throat, this can be caused from the build up in your mattress.

When we treat your mattress, we use a dry process, so that you’re mattress is ready to sleep on in minutes, not hours.

We start by extracting with a very powerful machine, we then flip your mattress and do the same of the underside, we also extract and treat the ensemble (base) , or if you have a slatted base, we remove all the dust and build up on that too.

We then treat your mattress with a SAFE odour neutraliser and sanitiser and we’ll even do the pillows.

The pillows are important when you consider that Dust Mites thrive on moisture and there is plenty of moisture in your pillow along with Bacteria, Mould and Hair/Skin particles. People want to keep their favourite pillows for years and that’s fine, if they are maintained.

Tip:  We always use a dry process, unless there has been a urine “accident” where we need to extract with a hot water extraction machine to remove it.

But 99% of the time we use a dry process, this is because Dust Mites thrive on moisture and wetting the mattress (even with steam) can make the problem worse, plus if someone wets your whole mattress it can rust the springs and void your sales warranty, as well as encourage mould!

We really do have the BEST method for modern day mattress cleaning and sanitising, that’s why you’ll find us No 1 on Google searches.

It’s really worthwhile maintaining  your mattress, it’s not a lot of money for the benefit and peace of mind it will give you.

To book your mattress in now, call Paul on 0437 459 386


And You Thought Your Kitchen Was Clean?

These pictures were taken in a super clean kitchen, or so the owner thought... the house is immaculate, the floors are super clean, the benches are wiped down every day and there's no sign of dirt or germs on the cupboards or drawers, that is until we turn on our Black Light kit!  

Germs in the kitchen

Our customer is horrified!

But this is quite normal, every house that we go into and do this black light test is the same... especially the bathrooms, you would be surprised by the amount of germs and spills there are in a bathroom. 

We use a Super Sanitiser on these hard surfaces that will ensure that they are clean and sanitised. These are stains and marks that can't be seen with the naked eye, so you couldn't be blamed for not seeing them. And you can't remove what you can't see.

If you'd like your kitchen and bathroom cleaned and treated with our super sanitiser , give us a call today on 

0437 459 386

We also sanitise and clean mattresses and carpets as well as lounge suites and chairs. And if you have rugs or carpets with pet stains or odours on them we can do a professional job on those too...

Just look at these images below, the cupboards look very clean under normal light, these stains have probably been there for years because they are unseen with the naked eye, but look what happens when we turn the black light onto the surface!

As I said above, you can't clean what you can't see, with our Black light kit, we can see what's lurking on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces and clean & sanitise them for you. You'll feel happy knowing that these areas of your home and thoroughly clean and if you'd like your mattresses cleaned and sanitised at the same time, we can give you a super deal on having it all done at the one visit. Call Paul now for a quick quote on 0437 459 386.

single cupboard blk lite

We get Amazing results when we gently clean your Persian Rugs…

If you own beautiful Persian Rugs and you’re worried about who to trust to gently clean them for you, look no further…

Here at Health Protect Cleaning Warrnambool, we use a product that will remove most  stains without any harsh chemicals …

…And we bring back the beautiful colours so that they really POP!

This product is our closely guarded secret!

It’s safe for delicate rugs, it smells beautiful without being over powering and you will be Wowed by how clean and bright your Persian rugs will come up with our dry and gentle process.

My customers are always so pleasantly surprised.

Call me now for a chat about your Persian rug. Paul  0437 459 386

Get rid of mould FAST and keep it away for 12 months or more…

Mould can be a  real problem for your health and the health of your family.

You need to get rid of it fast. We can do that for you and keep it away for 12 months or more with our fantastic Mould Remover. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

It’s SAFE, it doesn’t contain bleach like the cheap solutions you see on the market and because of that it doesn’t corrode metal fittings, or the stitching on your outdoor furniture, great for decks with metal fixtures and boats!

No more getting up on the roof every few months to remove the mould, with our product you can do it once a year, along with your paths. And it’s not harmful to your plants or your familys’ health.

Call now for a FREE Quote on your Mould problem.  0437 459 386

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Health Protect Cleaning also does Carpet Exit or Bond Cleaning using a "Dry Process" and powerful stain removal products that will leave your carpets dry in minutes instead of hours, plus we pride ourselves on our stain removal techniques.

Your carpets will not only look great but they will smell fresh and clean because we use top quality, non allergenic, safe products that work. 

We'll work in with you and your agent, we realise that moving is a busy time, so we make it as easy as possible for you with things like, dropping off keys to your agent when we're finished.

We also work with Hotels, Motels, Aged Care Facilities and Boarding Schools along with Emergency Services to clean not only their carpets but their mattresses and furnishings.

Call Paul for a quote on 0437 459 386