End of Lease Carpet Cleaning
End of Lease Cleaning

If you're moving out and need a GREAT

End of Lease Carpet Cleaner give us a call on 0437 459 386

We use a low moisture process which means your carpets are dry in minutes, not hours. Leaving a fresh clean fragrance and no recurring stains the next day!

Read our Testimonials from our customers who were thrilled with the results...

We've had great success in Exit Carpet Cleaning, because we do a thorough job.

Our work is Guaranteed! because we value our clients and we want your repeat business. 

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Plus... we use SAFE2use® products that don't leave that toxic chemical smell that people often complain about after the job is finished, we have many agents commenting on the fresh, clean smell of our products.

We can even arrange to drop off the key to the agent when we're finished.

Our focus is on YOU our Customer and that's what has made us who we are today...

Oh, and we do more than just Carpets, we can use our dry process on your mattresses, we remove mould and keep it away for up to 12 months, we can even clean your lounge suites...