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We do a thorough job of Carpet Exit Cleans, we work in with your time frame, we’re great with stains, and we leave your carpets smelling fresh and clean, the landlord will be over the moon!

Carpets not being cleaned properly are the main reason why people don’t get their bond back.

We are experts at stain removal, we’ve been doing this a long time and we’ve seen every stain problem in the book!

We have the best stain and odour removal products in  our kit, so if we can’t remove the stain, you can bet no one else can either. Heck, we’ll even return the keys to your Agent when we’re finished!

How’s that for service AND we’re affordable!  Call us today for a quick quote on  0437 459 386

June 17, 2019

Meet the Dust Mites, Tiny Roommates That Feast On Your Skin | Deep Look

Dust mites


Long ago — around the time we started growing our own food – humans settled down. We went home, inside. We built permanent shelters to protect us from the elements… and keep the wild animals at bay. Or so we thought. Surprise! The animals were right there with us. They still are. This is dust. Zoom in and you find an ecosystem almost as elaborate as the one we left outside. But small enough for us to forget it exists. Dust is pretty much anything small. But the most important ingredient of dust — at least for the purposes of this story — is skin. Your skin. Her skin. His skin. Tiny flakes that fall off our bodies..

All day long. Researchers at The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco collect and study house dust to find out what, exactly makes up this micro-universe. Even the cleanest homes are teeming with tiny, almost invisible roommates. — and even more so if you have pets or kids or live on the ground floor. Most homes have over 100 species – no matter how often you vacuum. Not just these guys, but these and these.

Most of these microscopic roommates are harmless. Just freeloaders, basically…But one can cause real trouble: the house dust mite.

This is like the roommate who leaves his crap around and makes you sick.

Dust mites don’t bite people. They don’t need to. We feed them. Constantly. Skin flakes are hard to digest. It’s like eating hair or feathers. So dust mites have powerful digestive enzymes to break the skin down. Those enzymes turn up in dust mite poop. And let’s just say you probably don’t want to know how much dust mite poop is in your house…

When people breathe dust, they breathe in the poop — and the enzymes, too — which irritate the lungs and can aggravate asthma, especially in kids. Like us humans, dust mites haven’t always lived inside either. These tiny relatives of spiders and scorpions once lived in birds nests. But then, some intrepid dust mites made the jump… from bird’s homes, to ours.. And as our society thrived and grew, so did theirs.

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Low Moisture Mattress Cleaning

When was the last time you had your Mattress or Electric Blanket Cleaned?

If you answered NEVER, you're not alone. You see a lot of people are unaware of what is lurking inside their mattress, pillows and electric blankets and don't know how to clean them.

They wonder why they have Allergies, runny nose, streaming eyes, sore throat and a terrible night's sleep.

The dust mites that live in your mattress are the culprits...

Take a look at what came out of the Mattress in the Video below!

We shed skin every single day, kilos of it per year and this ends up in your mattress as food for the dust mites, along with moisture from perspiration, hair and skin particles, bacteria but the worst thing is the dead dust mites and dust mite excrement, this is what can trigger Allergies or even an Asthma attack.

It builds up over time until you body can no longer tolerate it and it reacts with symptoms of a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, itchy eyes etc. 

What we do is extract all of that debris out of your mattress and pillows and take it down to a tolerable level and you're back to enjoying a good night's sleep.

We use a Dry Process, using a strong extraction vacuum, as mentioned in the video, the "normal" house hold vacuum or Hotel Housekeepers vac won't cut it.

It's just not powerful enough to life all of the debris out of the mattress.

Plus we turn the mattress over for your and treat the underside as well as the ensemble, or if you have slats on your base we remove the dust and treat them with our specialised anti-dust mite sanitising spray which has a build in Odour Neutraliser and Mould Inhibitor.

If you're going to have your mattress cleaned, we advise against using Hot Water Extraction because it soaks the mattress and this only feeds the dust mites, they thrive on moisture, wetting the mattress could void your warranty, and it could rust the springs on your bed.

Also, it takes hours to dry thoroughly, the only time we ever use hot water extraction is if there has been an accident on the mattress, if we have to remove urine or faeces we will need to use hot water extraction on that section of the mattress for health reasons, But, we only use it where the accident has occurred, we don't soak the whole mattress.

9 times out of 10 we only use the Dry Process for all of the reasons above. Which means your Mattress and Pillows are Dry In Minutes not Hours!

It's important to remember that if you have pets sleeping on your bed, you will need to have your bed cleaned more often because of pet dander and other debris that your pets bring into the bed.

Most people can get away with having their beds done once a year, but if you suffer from Asthma or Allergies, you may need to have it done at the start of every season.

Ring us now to have your bed smelling clean and fresh for the start of the season.

Call Paul on 0437 459 386

Hotel/Motel Owners – Why A House Keepers Vacuum Isn’t Enough…

Why You Need A Super Power Vacuum To Do The Job...

As cute as they are... the Housekeepers Vacuum Cleaner is not strong enough to remove all the build up of dirt, hair & skin particles, food crumbs, dust mites, dead and alive! skin particles and all the other yucky debris you could expect to find in a Hotel/Motel carpet or mattress.

The extraction unit that we use is super powerful and nothing escapes its strong suction!

Here are some facts about dust mites and mattresses...

Dust mites are found in any mattress where a food source is available. Dust mites feed off human skin flakes and sweat, of which we shed up to 1 gram and 1 litre per night respectively.

As they grow, reproduce and die, they shed up to 200 times their microscopic body weight in excrement, which when mixed with their bodies forms a highly allergenic dust, called guanine.

 Simply sitting on a mattress will emit a puff of this dust which is mostly invisible. However when your nose and mouth inhale it all night, the symptoms are far from invisible.

To remove the dust mites, a four stage process is used. First, a custom designed, industrial strength extraction system pulverizes and extracts the dust mites and their waste.

An anti-dust mite sanitizing treatment is applied, to neutralizing these health threats, and protects you from the main triggers which relate to respiratory, allergy and asthma attacks and illness. These Australian sprays are non-toxic, non-irritating, don’t contain alcohol and form a protective layer over the mattress. Dealing with bacteria and viruses and leaving the mattress clean and sanitised for the next guest.

Don’t lose another valuable Guest!

You'll love our Free 10 min Demonstration!

We Manage All Of The Following :

We Manage All Of The Following...

  • Odour  Control
  • Reduction of Asthma & Allergy Triggers
  • Mattress, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning & Sanitising 

Authorised Member of The Healthy Hotels Group ®

Call Paul on 0437 459 386

We Guarantee Our Work

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May 25, 2019

How Creepy Is This?

When you think that most Hotel/Motel mattresses are probably never cleaned and these little guys breed and feed on dead skin cells, hair and skin particles and the moisture that is trapped inside a mattress from perspiration.

Whether it's your own mattress at home or a Hotel/Motel mattress... they need to be sanitised and the debris extracted at least twice per year to maintain a clean and healthy sleeping  environment.

The build up of live and dead dust mites, bacteria, hair and skin particles can trigger an Asthma attack with some people, while with others it can cause an Allergic reaction.

Plus when you think about it, you don't know who has been sleeping in that bed before you!

And clean sheets are not enough to protect you, even mattress protectors do little to stop the debris coming to the surface every time you turn over in bed.

I think you'd agree that the modern day mattresses need to be maintained regularly, whether it's at home or in Accommodation premises...

We've found using a dry process is the best practice because Dust Mites THRIVE on moisture, so adding water into the mattress is not a good idea, the same with Steam cleaning, Steam is not a dry process,..

With our process the mattress is dry in minutes because we extract all the debris out of the mattress  and then finish off with a very light spray of our safe, sanitising agent, it has no fragrance and it removes any odours that are lurking in the mattress as well.

We know there may be times when Hot Water Extraction is need in a small area of the mattress, for instance when a child has wet the bed or a pet has had an accident, in these cases, which are few, we need to use Hot Water Extraction for health and sanitising reasons.

But 9 times out of 10 , we can bring your mattresses and pillows back to a fresh clean state by using our Dry Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising Process.

You'll sleep so peacefully knowing that the creepy Dust Mites and all other debris has been removed from your bed.

For more information call Paul direct on 0437 459 386

February 25, 2019

Have a good night’s sleep!

Mattress Sanitising
Mattress Sanitising

Our bed is our Sanctuary…our Haven after a hard day.

Our bed is sometimes shared with our pets and children and accidents happen right? Oh NOOOO!

The other problem is that over time your mattress fills up with hair and skin particles, sweat, bacteria, odours and all of this feeds millions of dust mites YIKES!
Millions of Dust Mites in your bed causes allergies, red eyes, runny nose, coughing, sore throats and that’s because each time you turn over in bed your mattress will puff all of these built up nasties into your eyes, nose and throat. YUK!
And…If you’re allergic to Dust Mites the reaction is even worse!

What can you do about it?

It’s Easy… Just have your Mattress and Pillows Cleaned and Sanitised with our Dry Process… NO it’s not steam, steam is NOT a dry process.

Our process IS dry…We extract all of the built up triggers first, then we flip your mattress and do the other side as well as the base, then we apply a SAFE Hospital Grade Sanitiser that will give you  on-going protection.

You will have the best sleep EVER after your bed and pillows are cleaned and sanitised.
It makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

People clean everything else in their homes and the bed is often forgotten…
But a good night’s sleep is so important to your health.
So book your bed in today!

Phone Paul now and you’ll be sleeping like a baby once he’s worked his magic on your bed.
Paul Wright : 0437 459 386

August 6, 2018

The 5 BEST Places to EAT in Warrnambool, Victoria – Great Ocean Road

The Pickled Pig…

Reviewed 3 weeks ago via mobile

Wine matching spot on

I don’t normally get on TripAdvisor very often.
But when I have a dinner to remember I like to mark it down.
It was a cold, wet, classic winters night in “the bool”.
It’s the second time I’ve visited this restaurant.
I decided to have the 5 course tasting menu I enjoyed last time, and with matched wines.
The value you get to the quality and knowledge of the wines is impeccable.

Each course was totally something different I would not of expected but worked so well.

The food was great. Each portion was a good size. Not overly large but once you get to number 5, you are reaching the limits.
The pork belly, as it should be in the pickled pig was a favourite of mine!

The service was great, it was the same person who was doing our wines that was looking after us all night. He was a young lad doing the floor by himself And still had time to talk is through everything that was put in front of us.

Cracking venue Pickled Pig!

Ask MMR432 about Pickled Pig

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Justin W

Reviewed 15 March 2018

Highlight of my trip

 On my trip to Victoria down Great Ocean Road, I discovered this restaurant after reading great reviews and wanting to try something different.

It was definitely worth it coming to this restaurant.

We chose the tasting menu and each course was something new and fresh. The food was perfect and had unbelievable flavours and the pork belly I tried was succulent and fresh.

The pork belly was wonderfully presented and the staff were friendly and professional.

They have a wonderful selection of wines and Brenton provided us great advise on which wine was best suited with the courses.

We had booked up earlier online which was a bonus and made everything easier.

Overall, the visit to Pickled Pig was lovely and I would no doubt recommend it to family and friends to come try out.

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Thank Justin W

This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC


Sydney, Australia

Reviewed 29 January 2018 via mobile

The perfect spot to finish off a great trip on the Great Ocean Road...

We had a great meal at the Pickled Pig in Warrnambool. We were looking forward to it after meeting other travellers and receiving such high recommendations. It is a fine dining experience, with fantastic quality produce and good service. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to have a delicious meal (and not a tourist trap).

We booked ahead (recommended as it is was busy when we were there – but great ambience) and opted for the 10 course tasting menu. It took the hassle out of us choosing what to eat and we didn’t regret it! The tasting menu included tuna, pork belly and eye fillet, so lots of protein for my hungry husband and finished off with a delicious Eton Mess.

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Aviation P

Reviewed 28 January 2018



Wonderful tasting menu!

Only in Warrnambool for 1 night and tried this restaurant having read the reviews.

Both myself and my wife went for the tasting menu as it had the full selection of fish, pork, beef and dessert dishes with a twist.

The waiter was very helpful and knowledgeable.

All dishes had amazing flavours and the presentation was first rate. And all for a reasonable price. Definitely worth a visit

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The Clovelly…

Reviewed 12 June 2018 via mobile

Excellent service and value for money!

Raj and Bronwyn are Fantastic hosts. Service that is attentive, genuine and professional. Every engagement was fun and informative given we were new to the area.
Food was great, fresh and delivered in timely manner.
Will definitely stay again – this level of service is hard to find today!
Well done!

Ask dreamaoteoroa about Clovelly Restaurant and Bar

Reviewed 5 days ago via mobile


Very pleasant lamb blackstrap meal… however the maple syrup ice cream with waffles, fresh fruit and yes more maple syrup was the best.

I was in seventh heaven with the texture of the waffles, the delicate maple syrup flavour in the ice cream and fresh local berries.
The staff were lovely and welcoming even offering a return journey to our accomodation as we were walking. We felt very welcomed and cared for.

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Ask ElizabethMickley about Clovelly Restaurant and Bar

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Di C

Melbourne, Australia


Reviewed 30 April 2018

Fabulous food with attentive service!

This was our second visit to Clovelly and, as with the first time, we were very impressed. We enjoyed a complimentary drink in the bar, which was much appreciated after a busy day (thank you Raj), and then headed into the restaurant. The staff are very welcoming and friendly, the service is prompt and attentive. Impressive wine list. Entree was natural and kilpatrick oysters – fresh and delicious followed by juicy rib-eye steaks cooked to perfection. We opted to end the feast with a cheese platter for two that was very generous and offered a great selection of cheese and fruits.
Thank you for a really nice evening!

Ask Di C about Clovelly Restaurant and Bar

Reviewed 30 June 2018 via mobile


Yummy food!

We had a range of bar food as we were heading out to a performance. It was delicious and served quite speedy. Also kid friendly.
The breakfast menu was varied and very tasty. We all enjoyed our breaky, coffee was great and nothing was too much trouble. Great friendly staff. Thanks for an enjoyable experience.

See all 3 reviews by Susan H for Warrnambool

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Hotel Warrnambool…

Julie W

Reviewed 1 week ago

5 Stars

Superb dining…!!! Superb service…!!! Superb atmosphere…!!!

Thank you so much Hotel Warrnambool for another amazing experience…!!!

Thank Julie W


Melbourne, Australia

Reviewed 1 week ago

Great Food with a touch of Heritage

A really nice restaurant for dinner with a warm atmosphere. The staff are really friendly and helpful and accommodated to everyone’s needs. The food was really well prepared and cooked perfectly. One of the best places to eat around Warrnambool

Thank Travelling_diner3


Warrnambool, Australia

Reviewed 3 weeks ago

Consistently fantastic fare and service…

The welcoming environment from the minute you step into the restaurant sets the scene for a relaxing and comfortable evening. Great food, great menu selection and the customer service of staff is exceptional!

Thank CEOLyndoch

Best pizza ever

My husband and I met a young local lady the morning we visited this hotel.
She asked if we had been to the hotel Warrnambool , when we said we hadn’t she highly recommend we do, and went on to say the chicken caesar salad pizza was a favourite.
As I’m a fan of caesar salad I couldn’t resist going to try it and we weren’t disappointed .
Omg it was seriously the best pizza I have ever had my husband had the aussie pizza and it was also so good .
The atmosphere in the hotel was the best and the staff were very friendly and helpful.
I would highly recommend anyone visiting Warrnambool to pay them a visit.
Thanks for making our trip memorable.
Kerry and Colin Pyne .


Images Restaurant…

Reviewed 3 days ago via mobile

Very impressed...

After a long day on the road (travelling from Perth to QLD and stopped in Warrnambool for the night) their menu stuck out to us when we read it at the motel room.
The food was faultless, the service was amazing and the atmosphere was cosy!
If in town i HIGHLY recommend stopping in and having a bite to eat.

I hqd the Otway Pork Belly and oh my goodness! I wish it were neverending haha 🙂

Ask Ashley C about Images Restaurant

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Melbourne, Australia

Reviewed 3 weeks ago via mobile

Yummy pork belly

My husband & I had dinner here during our final night in Warrnambool

We were lucky that it was steak night (Thursday) so my husband ordered a steak with caramelized onion butter. I ordered the pork belly and found it pull apart tender. (Although it was only crispy at one end). The lemon tart was tasty, although the butterscotch creme brulee was poor.

Service wise, while slow, the staff were happy to cater for my husband’s unusual food allergy.

I’d recommend eating here.

See all 3 reviews by caffeine_fanatic for Warrnambool

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Maroochydore, Australia

Reviewed 3 weeks ago

Superb meal and service

Had an excellent meal at Images, with great food with good food portions, great service and easy décor. Excellent range in their menu. It was a wonderful night to finish off our short stay in this region.

Thank michaelhenning

John S

Warrnambool, Australia

Reviewed 25 June 2018

Excellent dinner!

We went to Images last saturday night with friends to celebrate my birthday. The extensive menu provided plenty of choice at reasonable prices considering the quality of the food and the very generous portions. Staff we attentive and courteous even when they were very busy. Highly recommended.

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Pippies by the Bay…

Reviewed 2 weeks ago via mobile

Dining Experience

I wish I lived closer, all other restaurants will now be compared to this. From fried wasabi oysters, hoi sin abalone, followed by the seafood platter, the food was sublime, an unforgettable fine dining experience, even the hot chips were perfect!


Melbourne, Australia

Reviewed 4 weeks ago via mobile

Good place to eat at Flagstaff Hill…

Having driven in from Ballarat and feeling quite hungry and visiting Flagstaff Hill I had lunch at Pippies.

The lunch menu had quite a wide variety of choices had reasonable prices.

The food served quite quickly and the views out over Lady Bay on a winter afternoon were very attractive.

The food itself was well presented and tasty. A convenient place for lunch when visiting Flagstaff Hill

Ask safitz about Pippies by the Bay

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This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC

Reviewed 4 weeks ago via mobile


Exquisite food, charming service, a great wine list – we had a wonderful dinner that we thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you!!!


Warrnambool, Australia

Reviewed 25 June 2018

Great spot for breakfast and lunch

Pippies by the Bay serves up a great breakfast and lunch, really good coffee and a nice selection of cakes and scones with some of the best views of beautiful Lady Bay in the town.

Prices are fair with a good selection of items on the menu under $20 for breakfast and lunch. It is open for dinner also but I have not been as yet.

The staff are efficient, courteous and professional and the restaurant is a clean and modern space with a nice atmosphere, in winter there is a cosy fire going with comfy couches.

There is ample free parking with plenty of space for those in larger vehicles with caravans.

It is located on the same site as the tourist information centre and the historic Flagstaff Hill attraction.

I always like to take friends and family visiting from out of town here to enjoy Warrnambool’s ocean views and have nice food.

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Ask KateMc13 about Pippies by the Bay


July 20, 2018

Health Protect International has a new name…

Hi, I’m Paul Wright, our regular clients know us as Health Protect, as you can see by our new site, we’ve had a slight name change…


Well Kath and I are expanding our services to include Cleaning, it was a natural progression really since we have all of the equipment for carpet and mattress cleaning and sanitising and the BEST stain removal products known to man! So we know that we can get our customers great results.

We work in with the local Government Emergency Services, including CFA where we keep the Fire Fighters beds and carpets sanitised and clean, giving them a healthier environment to sleep in, along with cleaning the seats in their vehicles (which get covered in a layer of Soot). It’s great work place health and safety practice, I’m glad they’re looking after these guys, they do such a Ripper job in our community. Thanks Guys!

Boarding Schools are another regular customer, having their mattresses regularly cleaned is so important  to maintain a healthy environment for the boarders and to keep the Asthma and Allergy triggers in check.

We have also been given a lot of work in the Aged Care, Retirement Accommodation niche, we’re called on by several companies in this area and they are always impressed with our “Emergency Call Out” service… Accidents happen and we can be there fast!

Specialty Housing is another of the areas we work in and again Emergency Call Out is a handy thing for them as well. We work with the Directors to schedule a time for their Mattress and Carpets to be serviced that works in with their busy schedule.

And you know that we’re doing Exit Carpet Cleaning now don’t you?  Yes, we’re getting great results for folk that want to get their bond back and need their carpets as clean as humanly possible.

We service Private Homes with our “Dry in Minutes not hours” method of Cleaning and Sanitising Carpets, Mattresses, Pillows and Upholstery, using our “Secret Weapon” Stain Removal treatments and SAFE2use® products that are healthier because they don’t contain toxic chemicals.

Real Estate is another big area for us, we are often called out to properties that have flooded and also for Mould Removal, we use a product that will keep the mould away for up to 12 months, (provided the source of the mould is fixed) and we do Exit Carpet Cleans for the Real Estate Agents in the area.

Now I’m leaving the best Niche till last, The Healthy Hotels Group®

We have numerous Hotels, Motels and B&B’s  that we service regularly that are certified as “Healthy Hotels”, previously known as The Healthy Hotels Program, it too has had a name change and re-branding. Now known as The Healthy Hotels Group® it has new signage, new tent cards and Certification Certificates. the Hotel Niche makes up the majority of our work.

For anyone wanting to know more about joining The Healthy Hotels Group®  just give me a call on 0437 459 386 and I’d be happy explain how it will increase your occupancy rate.


Paul and Kathy Wright

Health Protect Cleaning Warrnambool