September 28, 2021


Are you working from home and looking to get your carpets cleaned without interuption to your work? We use a quiet, dry process that means you can walk on your carpets within minutes.

Get that fresh, clean fragrance in your home...

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Lock Down Odours

Time for a Spring Clean

With families stuck in lock down all this time, with Pet odours, Kids accidents and stains, your house might be smelling a little stale?
It might be time for a complete Spring Clean!

We can clean and sanitise your mattresses, clean your carpets and remove stains and odours.
As well as remove and treat mould in your home, all at a reasonable price!
Our mould remover will safely get rid of mould and keep it away for up to 12 months, inside or outside.
If you've been given a ridiculous quote for mould removal, call us, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

And if you get all your beds at the one time, we'll freshen up your Air con with our Odour Neutraliser to remove odours and treat bacteria.
Leaving your home smelling beautiful for Spring and Summer.

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Time to Clean & Sanitise our mattress again

Couple asleep in bed

I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months since I did our mattress. 

I knew it needed doing again because the last two nights I’ve tossed and turned feeling itchy even though our sheets were clean.  

Also, for the last week I’ve woken with red, itchy eyes and a blocked nose.  🙁

Yep, it’s that time again, I can’t wait to get into bed tonight, knowing that all of these Allergy triggers have been removed, I’m going to have a great sleep!  

I LOVE the feeling you get from knowing your mattress is clean and sanitised, it’s even better than that “fresh sheets” feeling, yep, I’ll sleep like a rock tonight, I was going to say I’ll sleep like a baby, but people who say that obviously don’t have one!  

I’ve taken photos of each stage to show you what comes out of each section, using our deep clean extraction system. 

This first photo is what came out of the Mattress Protector because that was on top of the electric blanket to keep it clean. Now, most mattress covers can be washed, but ours is one of those Luxury ones that’s filled with memory foam and although the instructions say it can be washed, I’ve done that before with a Doona and the filling lost its shape and became lumpy, so I don’t want to risk it. Plus, it takes hours to dry.  

Mattress Protector

This next photo is of what came out of the Electric Blanket, yes, I know, I should have taken it off the bed a month ago, but I wanted to have it cleaned and sanitised BEFORE I stored it away till next winter. This really is the BEST way to clean an Electric Blanket thoroughly, you can see what’s come out of it.  

Cleaning the Electric Blanket

Next is the Mattress itself, now with extracting all the other layers first, the mattress isn’t too bad. 

Cleaning a Mattress

Still good to get that out because if it’s left in your mattress, as you toss and turn the mattress acts like a below and puffs that toxic stuff up your nose, down your throat and into your eyes, hence the allergies! 

Last is our pillows, they’re not too bad either, but you still wouldn’t want to be breathing this into your lungs at night. 

Cleaning Pillows

With the Extraction machine I can get the dust mites out (both dead and alive) along with any other dust, hair and skin particles and when I finish off with our SAFE2use® Super Sanitiser, I know it’s fresh, clean and free of dust mites and germs, without aggravating my Allergies. 

Extraction Machine

It’s especially important to have your mattress cleaned and sanitised more regularly if you have pets sleeping on your bed, their fur can cause severe allergies and even Asthma attacks. It’s nice to know your bed is pristine clean when it’s done. 

Kitten on the bed
dogs asleep on a bed

Call us today on 0437 459 386 to book your mattress in for a clean and sanitising treatment and get a great night’s sleep. 

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising

Sweet Dreams...

September 19, 2020

COVID Mattress & Pillow Cleaning

Who's Cleaning the Hotel Beds?

Ok... so the bench tops and bathrooms are getting extra care and attention, but who's cleaning and sanitising the Mattresses and Pillows?

We've been cleaning and sanitising beds, pillows and carpets long before COVID - 19...

We have a 4 stage dry process that we use for our Hotels and Motels, which means the mattress is thouroghly cleaned on both sides, sanitised and dry within minutes, not hours. 

We use a SAFE2use® Santising spray which will not trigger Allergies or Asthma attacks in Hotel Guests, but will work hard against dangerous resistant spores such as Bacillus Subtilis Spores, it's  Anti Bacterial solution is non-hazardous, non- flammable, phosphate free, Eliminates odour and ensures that the bed and pillows are safe for Guests.

SAFE2use Products
Healthy Hotels Group

As Approved Service providers of the Healthy Hotels Group® we thoroughly clean and sanitise the mattresses and pillows and assist the Hotels and Motels staff in training them to sanitise their beds each time a guest vacates the room.

We use the latest equipment to apply the Sanitiser ensuring that it's done in a very effective manner.

There are many sanitisers available now, but they may not be suitable to apply onto a bed or pillows and could cause guests to have a reaction, we only use SAFE2use® products and we follow strict potocols to achieve a great result. 

If you have a favourite holiday Hotel or Motel, ask them when you book if they have any mattress and pillow santising protocols in place, if they don't why not suggest that they contact us and we will be happy to give them a demonstration and a quote, it doesn't cost a lot to stay SAFE...

This procedure is long overdue on our Accomodation Industry, when you don't know who's been sleeping in the bed before you!

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They say what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you… but in this case it does!

Have your Mattress Cleaned

Have you ever wondered what's inside your mattress or your pillow?

Considering we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, it is so important for us to have our beds regularly sanitised, if you want to get a good night's sleep.

The other concern for a lot of people is Allergies and Asthma, dust mites feed on the moisture in our beds, from our perspiration, they also feed on dead skin cells and hair particles if they are not extracted from your bed regularly.

Dust mites

The Dust mite excrement is what actually causes the problem for Allergy suffers and it can also trigger an Asthma attack. 

What happens is the build up of dust mites, (dead and alive) and their excrement, bacteria, hair and skin particles, reach an intolerable level and the body reacts.

What we do is remove all of the above debris from the mattress with a very powerful extraction unit, to bring this down to a tolerable level for your body to cope.

We do this on both sides and the ensemble because the debris can work its way through the mattress to the underside where it is even more toxic because of the extra moisture there.

Health Protect Cleaning Warrnambool

When people turn over in their beds, the mattress acts like a bellow, moving the dust and debris up into our throats, noses and eyes, triggering the allergy attack or causing red eyes, headaches, coughing and sneezing, and of course a bad night's sleep. Children are affected too, we sometimes have our own beds done and forget about the childrens' beds.

We offer a special price if we do all the beds in the one visit, this makes it more affordable for families.

It's usally sufficient to have your beds cleaned and sanitised every 6 months, but if you suffer from Allergies or Asthma, once every 3 months is recommended.

If you LOVE your pillow, don't worry, you don't need to get rid of it...

The pillows are done at the same time, you would be surprised at how many dust mites and allergy triggers are in your pillow, sometimes even mould!

When you think that we sleep with our faces right in the pillow, is it any wonder that people develop allergies?

It's a great time to think about having your beds cleaned so you can enjoy a great night's sleep...

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Hotel Sanitising & Staying Safe During COVID for Business Travellers

Staying Safe during COVID

Living through this COVID-19 nightmare is a worry for all of us, some people are lucky enough to be able to work from home, but spare a thought for those folk who have to travel for business, they have no choice... But we can help our local Hotels and Motels to offer them a safer environment...

We are the Approved Service Providers for the Warrnambool area for the Healthy Hotels Group® and this means we use a proven 4 stage Sanitising protocol to clean and sanitise the mattresses and pillows of the Accommodation businesses that join up with the Healthy Hotels Group®

Taking Hotel Hygiene To A Whole New Level

Accommodation providers taking this extra step to protect their Guests are doing their bit to help give working travellers a safe haven, where they can relax and feel comfortable in their beds.

You will know which Hotels/Motels are participating by the New Blue Healthy Hotels Group® sign at the front  of their premises, and the Certification Certificate on the wall at reception, plus the Tent cards on the bedside tables.

When travel does return to "normal" people will still be cautious, and will be looking to book the cleanest, safest Accommodation they can find, and if they have a choice, of course they will choose a Hotel or Motel that's part of the Healthy Hotels Group®.

Call us if you would like to know more, we also service nursing homes, retirement villages, schools, kindies, emergency service bases, trains, buses, picture theatres, boarding schools and private homes. Call Paul on 0437 459 386

or visit to learn more.

June 26, 2020

New Leader in Hotel Hygiene

Healthy Hotels Group

There has never been a better time for your favourite Hotel or Motel to join the Healthy Hotels Group® 

 Why? Because the Accommodation providers that ARE members of the Healthy Hotels Group® have their mattresses and pillows cleaned and sanitised for the health and safety of their Guests. 

With all that’s been happening lately with the COVID virus, Hotels and Motels around the world are putting new sanitising protocols in place and our Australian Accommodation suppliers should be doing the same. 

When you think of it, if you had a choice to stay in a Hotel or Motel that looks after their guests by having this service done, and it was the same price as one that didn’t bother about the hygiene of their beds and pillows, wouldn’t you choose the one that did? 

Of course, you would...

And that’s what we think too, we are proud to say that we are the Approved Service Providers for the Healthy Hotels Group® which means we use only SAFE2use® non – toxic, allergy friendly products along with a dry process on the mattresses, pillows and carpets. 

You can find out more about our 4-stage process here on our site, we also clean and sanitise beds for Private homes, Retirement homes, Airbnb, Boarding schools, Fire trucks, Specialty housing, even Boats, anywhere that has a bed that needs treating. 

This hygienic process is long overdue in the Accommodation industry, when you think of the buildup of hair and skin particles, bacteria, dust mites, and body fluids that ends up deep in the mattress, clean sheets are just not enough. Not in today’s environment... 

So, if your favourite Hotel or Motel isn’t using this service, maybe it’s time to request it? 

Here’s to your health and a peaceful night’s sleep... 

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising

Commercial Mattress Sanitising for Boarding Schools

Boarding School

Sanitised Healthy Beds for Boarding Schools...

Boarding Schools offer great facilities for their students who call them home, and we help to keep them safe by Sanitising the mattresses and pillows in these facilities.

What happens with a mattress over time, is that there is a build up of all sorts of debris, from live and dead dust mites,(that thrive on moisture in the mattress), plus hair and skin particles and bacteria and other nasties that are hidden deep in the mattress if it's not regularly cleaned.

This debris can trigger an Asthma or Allergy attack if not removed on a regular basis.

Children at Boarding School

The pillows are the same, bacteria, sweat,dust mites and hair particles build up in the pillows and it needs to be extracted..But not with a carpet machine using water, the moisture left behind from this method will cause a musty smell, take ages to dry properly and dust mites love moisture, so it actually compounds the problem, it's much better to use a dry process.

The process we use extracts everything out of the mattress using a very powerful machine, then the mattress is turned over and both sides are treated as well as the ensemble, both sides are sprayed with a SAFE2use Sanitising product that will also remove any odour from the mattress.

The products used are non-toxic and safe and will not trigger allergies or Asthma attacks.

student studying at boarding school

Next time you're looking for the Best Boarding School for your child's education, think about their comfort and the cleanliness of their beds, ask if the school has a mattress sanitising program in place. 

Call Paul for more information on Boarding School Mattress Sanitising on 0437 459386

Removing Pet Urine & Odours Professionally…

Removing Pet Urine & Odours Professionally

SAFE2use® Odour Neutraliser has been  formulated to ELIMINATE Urine Odours on contact.

Does your cat or dog sleep on your bed or your sofa? Pets on your bed

It’s all good until they’re sick or have an accident!

Because if this happens on your carpet, bed or rug, it needs more than just simply cleaning the area, it needs to be extracted and treated with a sanitising solution that will break down the odour, not just mask it…

The SAFE2use® Odour Neutraliser is designed to do just that.

What happens is when the urine dries into your carpet or rug, it becomes even more pungent and if it’s not treated properly and the odour will entice your pet to re-soil again and again in the area.

Oh NOoooo!

Also, the urine from your pet can penetrate through to your carpet backing and underlay and through to the floor beneath (whether it’s cement of timber) then the area needs to be thoroughly treated with the SAFE2use® Odour Neutraliser.

And by the time we’ve finished, you won’t even know there’s been an accident, the area will be stain free and smelling fresh and clean.

In some severe cases the carpet may need to be pulled back and depending on the damage to the underlay, a section of the underlay may need to be replaced. But this is fairly rare, usually we can penetrate the effected area without having to remove the underlay.

The Odour Neutraliser will address this problem beautifully. It will be applied deep into the carpet or fabric where it will immediately start a chemical reaction with the urine crystals to sanitise and neutralise the odour at its source. Problem solved!!

Accidents sometimes happen with pets on your bed!

How to share your home with your family pets and still keep it smelling beautifully fresh and sanitised…

Here are the Steps we take to neutralise the Odour and Sanitise the contaminated area

If the exact spot cannot be located, our technicians will use a black light to detect the area to be treated, this allows a more intense treatment in the correct areas and removes the guess work.

The area will be rinsed and extracted to remove the urine and rinse the carpet thoroughly.

If necessary the carpet will be pulled back to reveal the underlay and if need be the underlay may have to be replace in that section, depending on the severity of the case.

The SAFE2use® Odour Neutraliser will be liberally applied to the floor boards or concrete and the backing of the carpet including the tacking boards.

Dwell time will be needed to allow the Neutraliser/Sanitiser to continue to break down the urine crystals, this process will be complete within 24/36 hours.


Mattress Sanitising

  • We Guarantee our Odour Removal, that’s how confident we are in our SAFE2use® products…
  • Call us on 0437 459386  We’ll be there to help you FAST!

We All Deserve To Work In A Clean & Sanitised Office Space…

How clean is your Office Environment

It's more important than ever before to keep your office environment clean and sanitised...

With many of you heading back to your Office as restrictions ease, the next thing to consider is, how clean is your office desk and chair? and what about the carpets?

So many germs and bacteria are hidden in the carpet of your office, along with dust mites, hair and skin particles and other nasties that can trigger an Asthma or Allergy attack.

Theatre Seats

Look what we were able to extract from these Theatre Seats!

If the office chairs and carpets are not extracted properly, the problem will remain.

Some offices hire companies that use the "hot water extraction" method, this is not the best solution for many reasons, number one, there is no "proper extraction done" then hot water is added which soaks the carpet, creating a perfect breading ground for Dust mites, they thrive on moisture.

And the carpets take hours and hours to dry, leaving your office smelling musty.

We use a "Dry process" that dries in minutes not hours. The carpets and chairs are extracted properly before we start removing the debris that's been trapped in the carpet.

SAFE2use Products
Health Protect Cleaning Warrnambool

We use "SAFE2use" products that are safe for you and the environment.

The whole process is done faster, but more thoroughly using a proven process.

Give us a call to discuss how we can give you a beautifully clean and properly sanitised Office.

Call Paul now on  0437 459 386

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