Health Protect Cleaning in Warrnambool does more than just domestic carpets and mattresses.

We clean and sanitise Commercial carpets as well, using a "dry process" that leaves the carpets and mattresses dry in minutes, not hours! Great for a fast turnaround for Hotels, Motels and Airbnb establishments.

We also service Specialty Housing and Emergency Services, cleaning and sanitising their mattresses and upholstery with our quick dry process.

Aged Care is another area that we specialise in as well as Exit Carpet Cleaning for Rental properties. We can remove odours, mould and we have a great reputation for removing subborn stains. If we can't get it out - no one can. ))

We can also remove mould, the product we use keeps the mould away for up to 12 months if the source of the mould is removed, i.e. a leaking pipe. Our product is SAFE2use and you'll be amazed at the results, some companies use bleach based products and it only feeds the mould and changes the colour, the mould will return in no time at all. The beauty of our product is that it doesn't contain bleach and therefore won't corode metal, (for instance a wooden patio will have metal screws) our product won't affect them and the patio will stay mould free for up to 12 months. 

We don't take shortcuts, we use SAFE products, and our prices are very competitive. And we're Approved Service Providers  for The Healthy Hotels Group®.

Call us for a quick quote on 0437 459 386