Sanitised Healthy Beds for Boarding Schools...

Boarding Schools offer great facilities for their students who call them home, and we help to keep them safe by Sanitising the mattresses and pillows in these facilities.

What happens with a mattress over time, is that there is a build up of all sorts of debris, from live and dead dust mites,(that thrive on moisture in the mattress), plus hair and skin particles and bacteria and other nasties that are hidden deep in the mattress if it's not regularly cleaned.

This debris can trigger an Asthma or Allergy attack if not removed on a regular basis.

Children at Boarding School

The pillows are the same, bacteria, sweat,dust mites and hair particles build up in the pillows and it needs to be extracted..But not with a carpet machine using water, the moisture left behind from this method will cause a musty smell, take ages to dry properly and dust mites love moisture, so it actually compounds the problem, it's much better to use a dry process.

The process we use extracts everything out of the mattress using a very powerful machine, then the mattress is turned over and both sides are treated as well as the ensemble, both sides are sprayed with a SAFE2use Sanitising product that will also remove any odour from the mattress.

The products used are non-toxic and safe and will not trigger allergies or Asthma attacks.

student studying at boarding school

Next time you're looking for the Best Boarding School for your child's education, think about their comfort and the cleanliness of their beds, ask if the school has a mattress sanitising program in place. 

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