Ok... so the bench tops and bathrooms are getting extra care and attention, but who's cleaning and sanitising the Mattresses and Pillows?

We've been cleaning and sanitising beds, pillows and carpets long before COVID - 19...

We have a 4 stage dry process that we use for our Hotels and Motels, which means the mattress is thouroghly cleaned on both sides, sanitised and dry within minutes, not hours. 

We use a SAFE2use® Santising spray which will not trigger Allergies or Asthma attacks in Hotel Guests, but will work hard against dangerous resistant spores such as Bacillus Subtilis Spores, it's  Anti Bacterial solution is non-hazardous, non- flammable, phosphate free, Eliminates odour and ensures that the bed and pillows are safe for Guests.

SAFE2use Products
Healthy Hotels Group

As Approved Service providers of the Healthy Hotels Group® we thoroughly clean and sanitise the mattresses and pillows and assist the Hotels and Motels staff in training them to sanitise their beds each time a guest vacates the room.

We use the latest equipment to apply the Sanitiser ensuring that it's done in a very effective manner.

There are many sanitisers available now, but they may not be suitable to apply onto a bed or pillows and could cause guests to have a reaction, we only use SAFE2use® products and we follow strict potocols to achieve a great result. 

If you have a favourite holiday Hotel or Motel, ask them when you book if they have any mattress and pillow santising protocols in place, if they don't why not suggest that they contact us and we will be happy to give them a demonstration and a quote, it doesn't cost a lot to stay SAFE...

This procedure is long overdue on our Accomodation Industry, when you don't know who's been sleeping in the bed before you!

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