Do Your Pets Share Your Bed?

Many people share their beds with their beloved pets…

No problem with that, but if one of your pets has had an accident on your bed, you might be wondering how to get rid of the stain and the smell?

Many elderly dogs end up sleeping on the bed for comfort and some young pups and kittens too.

We have a special method for cleaning and sanitising mattresses that doesn’t soak the mattress.

The Odour Neutraliser we use is excellent and it’s SAFE for humans and animals.

It doesn’t just mask the odour, it removes it completlely.

Pets can also molt leaving hair and dust particles on your bed, which can cause Allergies or even trigger an Asthma attack.

We remove all the build up of dust mites, hair and skin particles, perspiration and odour from your mattress, leaving it beautifully clean and fresh.

You’ll have sweet dreams…

If you’d like to have your mattress and pillows cleaned and sanitised, using a method that is dry in minutes not hours, then give us a call on 0437 459 386 for a Quote.