It’s Winter time again, I’m guessing you haven’t used your electric blanket for months.

You will be shocked at what has accumulated in your electric blanket over the years.

Dust mites LOVE hair and skin particles, their excrement can trigger Asthma and cause an allergic reaction in those people who suffer from Allergies.

You don’t need to wash your electric blanket, we can extract all of the build up out of the blanket, and sanitise it for you, keeping the dust mites at bay and giving you a peaceful night’s sleep.

While you’re getting the Electric Blanket done, why not get your whole mattress done?

The same build up happens inside your mattress over time.

You shouldn’t use hot water extraction or steam as this will add more moisture to the mattress, it could rust the springs, it will attract more dust mites because they thrive on moisture!

And the mattress will not only take hours if not days to dry out properly, but it will have a musty odour, which is not healthy.

The process we use achieves great results using a powerful extraction and a SAFE Sanitising that won’t trigger allergies.

P.S. We do your pillows for FREE!

We flip the mattress for you and extract and sanitise both sides too.

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