Hi, I’m Paul Wright, our regular clients know us as Health Protect, as you can see by our new site, we’ve had a slight name change…


Well Kath and I are expanding our services to include Cleaning, it was a natural progression really since we have all of the equipment for carpet and mattress cleaning and sanitising and the BEST stain removal products known to man! So we know that we can get our customers great results.

We work in with the local Government Emergency Services, including CFA where we keep the Fire Fighters beds and carpets sanitised and clean, giving them a healthier environment to sleep in, along with cleaning the seats in their vehicles (which get covered in a layer of Soot). It’s great work place health and safety practice, I’m glad they’re looking after these guys, they do such a Ripper job in our community. Thanks Guys!

Boarding Schools are another regular customer, having their mattresses regularly cleaned is so important  to maintain a healthy environment for the boarders and to keep the Asthma and Allergy triggers in check.

We have also been given a lot of work in the Aged Care, Retirement Accommodation niche, we’re called on by several companies in this area and they are always impressed with our “Emergency Call Out” service… Accidents happen and we can be there fast!

Specialty Housing is another of the areas we work in and again Emergency Call Out is a handy thing for them as well. We work with the Directors to schedule a time for their Mattress and Carpets to be serviced that works in with their busy schedule.

And you know that we’re doing Exit Carpet Cleaning now don’t you?  Yes, we’re getting great results for folk that want to get their bond back and need their carpets as clean as humanly possible.

We service Private Homes with our “Dry in Minutes not hours” method of Cleaning and Sanitising Carpets, Mattresses, Pillows and Upholstery, using our “Secret Weapon” Stain Removal treatments and SAFE2use® products that are healthier because they don’t contain toxic chemicals.

Real Estate is another big area for us, we are often called out to properties that have flooded and also for Mould Removal, we use a product that will keep the mould away for up to 12 months, (provided the source of the mould is fixed) and we do Exit Carpet Cleans for the Real Estate Agents in the area.

Now I’m leaving the best Niche till last, The Healthy Hotels Group®

We have numerous Hotels, Motels and B&B’s  that we service regularly that are certified as “Healthy Hotels”, previously known as The Healthy Hotels Program, it too has had a name change and re-branding. Now known as The Healthy Hotels Group® it has new signage, new tent cards and Certification Certificates. the Hotel Niche makes up the majority of our work.

For anyone wanting to know more about joining The Healthy Hotels Group®  just give me a call on 0437 459 386 and I’d be happy explain how it will increase your occupancy rate.


Paul and Kathy Wright

Health Protect Cleaning Warrnambool