Healthy Hotels Group®

Take a look at the video below, it explains the importance of being part of The Healthy Hotels Group® and how you can stand out from your competitors when you offer your Guests this service…

As the Owner of Health Protect Cleaning Warrnambool I am a certified technician servicing Accomodation Providers linked to The Healthy Hotels Group®.

We have undergone comprehensive training to ensure that we follow the strict guidelines set out by Healthy Hotels Group®
So you can relax, knowing we are servicing your Hotel/Motel to the highest HHG standards.

When you join Healthy Hotels Group® you will receive an attractive 600mm x 600mm Neon sign to display in front of your premises, this sign WILL attract the attention of potential guests and you can advertise the service on your website to attract more guests.

If you think about it, if a guest is looking for accommodation in your area and they have a choice between your Hotel and one that isn’t a Healthy Hotel, they would naturally pick the Healthy, clean option. It’s a no brainer!
You’ll also receive HHG Tent cards to put on the bedside tables to let your Guests know that their beds and pillows have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Then there’s the Certification Certificate to put at Reception to further educate your Guests about the importance of clean, healthy beds and Carpets and your staff can explain the benefits and why you have chosen to join and go the extra mile for your Guests.

What can this service do for your Guests?…This process will reduce Allergy/Asthma symptoms making your Guests so much more comfortable during their stay and they will have a better night’s sleep knowing that their beds and pillows have been thoroughly treated.

Speak to us to find out more about joining up and be pleasantly surprised by the cost, it may even cost you less than you are currently paying to be part of this group.

If you want to have your regulars raving about your Healthy Hotel and have more bookings, give us a call and I’ll pop in to give you a demonstration, so you can see for yourself the power of this process. And what it can do for your Business…
We’re here to work together with you B2B to boost your bookings.

Taking Hotel Hygiene To A Whole New Level...

Call Paul now for a quick quote on 0437 459 386

We are proud to be associated with The Healthy Hotels Group® ... Ask us to tell you more about the point of
difference this will offer your business and the benefits of being part of The Healthy Hotels Group®

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