Living through this COVID-19 nightmare is a worry for all of us, some people are lucky enough to be able to work from home, but spare a thought for those folk who have to travel for business, they have no choice... But we can help our local Hotels and Motels to offer them a safer environment...

We are the Approved Service Providers for the Warrnambool area for the Healthy Hotels Group® and this means we use a proven 4 stage Sanitising protocol to clean and sanitise the mattresses and pillows of the Accommodation businesses that join up with the Healthy Hotels Group®

Taking Hotel Hygiene To A Whole New Level

Accommodation providers taking this extra step to protect their Guests are doing their bit to help give working travellers a safe haven, where they can relax and feel comfortable in their beds.

You will know which Hotels/Motels are participating by the New Blue Healthy Hotels Group® sign at the front  of their premises, and the Certification Certificate on the wall at reception, plus the Tent cards on the bedside tables.

When travel does return to "normal" people will still be cautious, and will be looking to book the cleanest, safest Accommodation they can find, and if they have a choice, of course they will choose a Hotel or Motel that's part of the Healthy Hotels Group®.

Call us if you would like to know more, we also service nursing homes, retirement villages, schools, kindies, emergency service bases, trains, buses, picture theatres, boarding schools and private homes. Call Paul on 0437 459 386

or visit to learn more.