How clean is your Office Environment

It's more important than ever before to keep your office environment clean and sanitised...

With many of you heading back to your Office as restrictions ease, the next thing to consider is, how clean is your office desk and chair? and what about the carpets?

So many germs and bacteria are hidden in the carpet of your office, along with dust mites, hair and skin particles and other nasties that can trigger an Asthma or Allergy attack.

Theatre Seats

Look what we were able to extract from these Theatre Seats!

If the office chairs and carpets are not extracted properly, the problem will remain.

Some offices hire companies that use the "hot water extraction" method, this is not the best solution for many reasons, number one, there is no "proper extraction done" then hot water is added which soaks the carpet, creating a perfect breading ground for Dust mites, they thrive on moisture.

And the carpets take hours and hours to dry, leaving your office smelling musty.

We use a "Dry process" that dries in minutes not hours. The carpets and chairs are extracted properly before we start removing the debris that's been trapped in the carpet.

SAFE2use Products
Health Protect Cleaning Warrnambool

We use "SAFE2use" products that are safe for you and the environment.

The whole process is done faster, but more thoroughly using a proven process.

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