How to clean your electric blanket and mattress without wetting it

Winter is here and it’s time to get out the Electric Blanket…

But have you ever wondered HOW you’re going to clean and sanitise it?

You want to have it smelling fresh after being stored away, but you can’t wet it. You want to remove the dustmites that have been breeding in your mattress and electric blanket but you’re not sure what actually is the best method. It’s NOT wetting the bed with the old fashioned hot water carpet cleaning method, that will not only void your new mattress warranty and rust your mattress springs, plus; the moisture will feed the dustmites and make your mattress smell musty. 

You want to be able to sleep on your mattress and electric blanket that night right?

The answer is simple, we use a Low Moisture Extraction process, we remove dustmites, hair and skin particles, bacteria, sweat and odours without wetting the mattress or the Electric Blanket.

You’ll be able to sleep on your bed in “minutes”, not hours and it will smell fresh and clean.

Our process helps to remove the triggers that cause Asthma and Allergy attacks.

Dustmites thrive on moisture, hair and skin particles, so by removing their food source, you have a much healthier place to sleep.

You’ll sleep peacefully, knowing that your bedding is clean and sanitised.

Plus we use safe, non toxic products to protect you and your family.