How to Clean an OLD Mattress?


This is a question that's often asked in Google, because some people LOVE their old comfy mattress AND pillows but want to know how to clean and sanitise them...

Ir might have stains on it, or it might smell musty from body odours and the worse thing is that it will be full of live and dead dustmites..

They thrive on our dead skin and hair particles and the moisture from our sweating bodies, YUK! I know but it's a fact and it has to be removed on a regular basis to keep your mattress (and yourself) healthy.

Twice a year is enough for most people, unless you suffer from serious Allergies or Asthma, then we recommend to have it done more often, depending on how bad your Allergies are.

The method we use DOES NOT wet the mattress, we thoroughly remove the dustmites and debris on both sides of your mattress, we treat your pillows too, you would be surprised how much dust and debris ends up in your pillows and with your face right in the pillow, is it any wonder people end up with Allergies or an Asthma attack.

We finish with a very fine spray of Sanitiser and Odour Neutraliser and your bed will be ready to sleep on within 30 mins.

You'll have a wonderful night's sleep, in your clean fresh smelling bed, knowing all the debris has been removed.

Don't forget the childrens' beds, we do a special price if you get multiple beds done in the one visit.

We also use the same method for your carpets, so they're dry in Minutes, NOT hours!

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