Don't Risk Washing Your Electric Blanket

Over time your mattress will accumulate thousands of dust mites and their excrement, hair and skin particles that we shed each night as we sleep, along with perspiration and odour.

Just washing your sheets is NOT enough when you consider all of the above, living in your mattress.

It needs to be extracted professionally, (your household vacuum will not be strong enough) it needs extremely strong extraction to do the job.

We also flip your mattress and carry out the same process on the other side and the ensemble if you have one, if not we treat the slats as well.

You see, the dustmites and their excrement, hair and skin particles that they feed on (along with the moisture from your perspiration) builds up in your mattress over time and as you turn in bed each night, this debris is puffed into your nose and down your throat, causing red eyes, allergies, even triggering an Asthma attack in people who are allergic to dust mites.

Giving you a terrible night’s sleep.

Having this removed from your mattress at least twice per year will keep the debris at a tolerable level so your body can cope with it.

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We will even treat two pillows for FREE with every Queen Size or King Size Mattress.

This is important as you can imagine, we sleep with our noses right in the pillow, which is full or dust mites and other particles.