Let me ask you something... When was the last time you had your Mattress Cleaned? 

Don’t worry, most people say the same thing, “I have never had my mattress cleaned”.

They don’t know how to clean them.

We can remove the Asthma and Allergy triggers along with Toxins, Mould Spores and Bacteria that Dust mites thrive in your Mattress night after night…

Mattress Sanitising

And it’s all done with a Dry Process, so you can sleep on your mattress that night!

And it’s not just as easy as vacuuming your bed, there is a whole process involved starting with:

  • Extracting the build up of hair, skin particles, dust mites and their excrement using a high powered vacuum. A normal household vacuum won’t be powerful enough and will add more debris into the mattress than what it takes out! and you don’t want all the dirt from the floor in your mattress! we can show you what comes out of your bed with our system. You will be shocked…
  • We flip your mattress and clean and sanitise the under side as well. If you have an ensemble we treat that, if you have slats we clean them and treat them with our SAFE2use Sanitiser.
  • Next we treat your mattress and ensemble with a SAFE2use Sanitising Spray  that is applied to both sides of your mattress and the ensemble/slats, this removes  odours,  including perspiration that builds up in a mattress as well as giving you on-going protection from dust mites, pathogens, mould spores, bacteria and other toxins that build up in your mattress over time.
  • Next we treat your Pillows to remove the build up of Allergy/Asthma Triggers and dead dust mites. When you think that you sleep with your face on the pillow, it’s no wonder that people end up with these symptoms:


Stuffy Nose



Red Itchy Eyes

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your bed has been thoroughly treated and protected for up to 6 months.

Your bed is now dry and ready to sleep on within minutes, not hours!

We never recommend using a wet process on a mattress, it may be sometimes necessary to use hot water extraction on an area where there has been an accident involving urine, faeces, blood or even coffee/tea etc. in this case we will extract deep down into your mattress and use an odour neutraliser to sanitise and remove any traces of odour.

Our process is a dry process 99% of the time.

It will smell fresh without any allergy causing perfume and you’ll have a GREAT night’s sleep!

Don’t forget your children’s beds too, ask us about our specials we offer a “package special” so that they won’t miss out.

Sleep on your dry mattress within minutes, not hours!

Call us now to find out how you can save with our
“Package Deals”…

Call Paul on 0437 459 386

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