Healthy Hotels Group

There has never been a better time for your favourite Hotel or Motel to join the Healthy Hotels Group® 

 Why? Because the Accommodation providers that ARE members of the Healthy Hotels Group® have their mattresses and pillows cleaned and sanitised for the health and safety of their Guests. 

With all that’s been happening lately with the COVID virus, Hotels and Motels around the world are putting new sanitising protocols in place and our Australian Accommodation suppliers should be doing the same. 

When you think of it, if you had a choice to stay in a Hotel or Motel that looks after their guests by having this service done, and it was the same price as one that didn’t bother about the hygiene of their beds and pillows, wouldn’t you choose the one that did? 

Of course, you would...

And that’s what we think too, we are proud to say that we are the Approved Service Providers for the Healthy Hotels Group® which means we use only SAFE2use® non – toxic, allergy friendly products along with a dry process on the mattresses, pillows and carpets. 

You can find out more about our 4-stage process here on our site, we also clean and sanitise beds for Private homes, Retirement homes, Airbnb, Boarding schools, Fire trucks, Specialty housing, even Boats, anywhere that has a bed that needs treating. 

This hygienic process is long overdue in the Accommodation industry, when you think of the buildup of hair and skin particles, bacteria, dust mites, and body fluids that ends up deep in the mattress, clean sheets are just not enough. Not in today’s environment... 

So, if your favourite Hotel or Motel isn’t using this service, maybe it’s time to request it? 

Here’s to your health and a peaceful night’s sleep... 

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising