Carpet Stains Removed

The photo above show just how powerful our stain removal products are, but the great thing is they are Non- Toxic, so they are not harmful to you or your children who may be playing on your carpet.

They are Non - Allergenic, and they get rid of those everyday annoying stains, like coffee, tea, shoe marks, even chewing gum, red wine, sauce, lipstick, the list is too long to mention all of the stain here.

But you can be sure that if we can't get rid of the stain, SAFELY, then no one else can either. Stains like Curry or Body Tanners are some of the most difficult to remove and removing it successfully will depend on a few things, like how long has the stain been there? Have you set the stain by trying to remove it yourself with other chemicals? What type of carpet is it? 

The best thing to do if you have a bad stain is call us ASAP and don't try and get it out yourself. 

We're well into the party season, there are bound to be accidental spills, or pet accidents, so if you need help to remove them, call us now on 0437 459 386.

We would love to help you...