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We're having a BIG Spring Special Month on Mattress and Carpet Cleaning and Sanitising...

We are offering you a Great Discount on ANY Combination of Mattress and Carpet Cleaning and Sanitising for the month of October. 

During the winter your mattress will have accumulated a lot of dust, hair and skin particles, dead and live dust mites, perspiration and body fluids... Not a pleasant thought. 

The Dust mites feed off all of the above along with the moisture in your bed. The excrement from these Dust mites can cause a lot of people to have an Allergic reaction or even an Asthma attack. 

If you've ever wondered why you wake up with Sore Red Eyes, Itchy Nose or Sore Throat, Headaches, or you've had a bad night's sleep, it could mean your mattress needs a good deep clean.

You see, every time you turn over in your bed, the mattress acts like a bellow, puffing all of this accumulated debris into your eyes, nose and throat. Your body will reach a point where it can't tolerate any more and will respond with an Allergic reaction or even an Asthma attack.

We will remove all of the debris with a very powerful extraction machine, we then flip the mattress and do the other side, we also clean and treat the Ensemble base or the slats under your mattress with a SAFE2use product as well as rotating your mattress. All with a low moisture process, without "Soaking" your Mattress or Carpets.

Your Carpets and Mattress will  be dry in minutes, Not hours, this process is far better than the usual "soaking" that other carpet cleaners use, because of the low moisture. When the carpets are soaked with the old fashioned Hot Water Extraction method, it can stretch your carpet and worst of all, you can get recurring stains the next day!! This is caused by "wicking" and the carpets will take hours and hours to dry. Not to mention the musty odour of the wet carpets.

With our system, we extract all of the dirt prior to treatment, we treat and remove stains, and we use a delighful SAFE2use product that smells beautiful when we are finished.

Once you try this method, we are sure you will be extremely happy as hundreds of our current customers are, we also offer a 100% Guarantee on our work.

100% Guarantee

Don't miss out on this Spring Special, it will book out fast.

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