To Whom it May Concern,
I have know this business since the start in 2008.
Their work at the Fire Station consists of mattress sanitising on a 6 monthly basis and carpet cleaning throughout on an annual basis.
Paul is required to work with us to take advantage of the quieter times for him to perform his cleaning duties with as little disruption as possible.
The work performed is above average with the carpets and mattresses.
This company was chosen over others in the tendering process due to work ethics, consistency, health and safety, cost and above all, the ability to be flexible with work times etc.
I have no hesitation in supporting this reference.
Yours Sincerely
Henry Barton
Officer in Charge
Warrnambool Fire Station

Henry Barton
Officer in Charge Warrnambool Fire Station
HEALTH PROTECT INTERNATIONAL- Sanitising Specialist have been cleaning our carpets/mattress for several years,
Paul has put us on a maintenance program, he attends to our needs three times a year as well as any emergency which can crop up at any given time.
The work is completed in a professional manner with advice given about any cleaning issues we may have, he has a friendly manner, gets to the job when the house is vacant from residents which is a requirement from us.
I would recommend his services to all who may need such work completed.
Peter Banks
Respite & Residential Manager

Peter Banks
Reference for Health Protect International (now Health Protect Cleaning)
To whom it may concern.
We are a Retirement Village. We often need to refurbish our units once they have been vacated. Replacing carpets have been very costly. Since we have had Paul and Cathy cleaning our carpets we have saved thousands of dollars. Once they have been cleaned the carpets have come up as new, removing stains and carpet indents.
I have no hesitation in recommending this company.
Helen Pearson
Housekeeper Supervisor
Gillin Park

Helen Pearson
Housekeeper Supervisor Gillin Park

Paul does a Wonderful Job..He came to the rescue when there was a dilemma with the spa flooding the room and wetting the matress and nearby carpet. Got him back to clean all the carpet and it looks and smells so much better..and he is a great bloke to deal with. Definitely, recommend him for the job. Thanks Paul

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We would like to thank Paul Wright from Health Protect International for his concerted efforts to save our expensive mattress.

During the night on October 15th 2008 our family lost the majority of our possessions in a house fire.

The only two things salvageable in the entire house were out queens size sleigh bed and we also thought at the time, our mattress. We were extremely disappointed to find that although the mattress originally looked unscathed, a layer of soot covered both top and bottom and the smell of fire was unmistakable.

We hear about the sanitising work Paul has been doing in our local area and although doubting it could be saved, contacted him immediately. He wasted no time in treating the mattress, ensuring that not only was it soot and smoke -free, but also that it was going to be safe for us to use for years to come.

There was absolutely nothing quite like climbing into your own bed that first night.

After living without our own familiar things around us and barely able to settle into a deep sleep, it was extremely comforting. We owe Paul a huge debt of gratitude for his dedicated service and confident approach.

Rachael Hoffman