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I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months since I did our mattress. 

I knew it needed doing again because the last two nights I’ve tossed and turned feeling itchy even though our sheets were clean.  

Also, for the last week I’ve woken with red, itchy eyes and a blocked nose.  🙁

Yep, it’s that time again, I can’t wait to get into bed tonight, knowing that all of these Allergy triggers have been removed, I’m going to have a great sleep!  

I LOVE the feeling you get from knowing your mattress is clean and sanitised, it’s even better than that “fresh sheets” feeling, yep, I’ll sleep like a rock tonight, I was going to say I’ll sleep like a baby, but people who say that obviously don’t have one!  

I’ve taken photos of each stage to show you what comes out of each section, using our deep clean extraction system. 

This first photo is what came out of the Mattress Protector because that was on top of the electric blanket to keep it clean. Now, most mattress covers can be washed, but ours is one of those Luxury ones that’s filled with memory foam and although the instructions say it can be washed, I’ve done that before with a Doona and the filling lost its shape and became lumpy, so I don’t want to risk it. Plus, it takes hours to dry.  

Mattress Protector

This next photo is of what came out of the Electric Blanket, yes, I know, I should have taken it off the bed a month ago, but I wanted to have it cleaned and sanitised BEFORE I stored it away till next winter. This really is the BEST way to clean an Electric Blanket thoroughly, you can see what’s come out of it.  

Cleaning the Electric Blanket

Next is the Mattress itself, now with extracting all the other layers first, the mattress isn’t too bad. 

Cleaning a Mattress

Still good to get that out because if it’s left in your mattress, as you toss and turn the mattress acts like a below and puffs that toxic stuff up your nose, down your throat and into your eyes, hence the allergies! 

Last is our pillows, they’re not too bad either, but you still wouldn’t want to be breathing this into your lungs at night. 

Cleaning Pillows

With the Extraction machine I can get the dust mites out (both dead and alive) along with any other dust, hair and skin particles and when I finish off with our SAFE2use® Super Sanitiser, I know it’s fresh, clean and free of dust mites and germs, without aggravating my Allergies. 

Extraction Machine

It’s especially important to have your mattress cleaned and sanitised more regularly if you have pets sleeping on your bed, their fur can cause severe allergies and even Asthma attacks. It’s nice to know your bed is pristine clean when it’s done. 

Kitten on the bed
dogs asleep on a bed

Call us today on 0437 459 386 to book your mattress in for a clean and sanitising treatment and get a great night’s sleep. 

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising

Sweet Dreams...