Ever wondered what the difference is between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting?

There is a significant difference.

For example cleaning by itself is relatively ineffective at preventing the spread of germs. However, disinfectants and sanitisers tend to have issues with effectiveness when it comes to dust and soil, underscoring the importance of cleaning before sanitising or disinfecting.

Regular cleaning agents (liquids, powders, sprays, or granules) remove dirt, dust, debris, and odours from surfaces. Although this is an important first step in improving the health of any environment, it is insufficient to prevent the spread of disease.

Keep in mind cleaners are used to improve appearances. They are not effective at killing bacteria or virus’.

Remember, commercial cleaning chemicals should only be handled by trained professionals familiar with the proper application, as well as potential dangers and necessary precautions required for toxic chemical handling and disposal.

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And we only use SAFE to use products.

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