Why is Mould Growing in The Cool Room?

There are a few reasons, because there is moisture in the air of a Cool Room it can create mould growth…

If the seals are broken or cracked on the door of the Cool Room, it can cause warm air to leak in creating condensation on the walls and ceilings and ideal conditions for mould growth.

It’s important to ensure that the door to the Cool Room are closed properly at all times by staff and to inspect for any damage to the seals.

How to prevent mould growing in your Cool Room?

  • Ensure all items are stored correctly
  • Keep all surfaces cleaned regularly to prevent mould 
  • Be aware of any water/liquid leaks and have them repaired immediately
  • Keep the door firmly shut at all times

Here are some points to keep in mind to ensure your Cool Room remains Mould free.

  1. Make sure staff are not leaving the door open too long, causing a rise in temperature, keep in mind the ideal temperature should be between 0°C-5°C. Storing food or medicine any higher than 5°C can increase the risk of exposing these items to harmful bacteria
  2. Check all seals regularly
  3. Ensure any leaks are repaired immediately
  4. Keep your vents clean and functioning fully at all times
  5. Porous material like wood or paper will get damp and encourage mould growth. Avoid storing items in these materials if possible.
  6. Stop the spread of mould spores by disposing of food that is past the “use by date”.

We use a product that is SAFE2use® in Cool Rooms and we guarantee our work.

100% Guarantee

The best way to prevent mould growth in your cold room is to ensure that there is adequate ventilation and air flow. This will help reduce moisture build up and condensation that create the moist environments that facilitate mould growth. 

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